Sunday musings…

It has been a beautiful day down here in South Fla. Actually it has been a wonderful weekend as well. Been doodling around with the sci-novel tentatively named “A Change in Time.” I have been getting some ideas and jotting them for later perusal to see if I could use them some way.  Or maybe I can use them in another story. Who knows?

Like I have mentioned before I have been writing some poetry for my chap book. That is fun for sure. I am going to check out Necone-Ebooks just to see what this month’s prompt will be and later on this week I will check out Madison Woods website for the weekly 100 word contest.

I have been checking out the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories site to see if anything has started and so far nothing there. I hope the contest will get started soon. I just checked again and still no luck. Oh well there are plenty of other contests that I can enter!

I am still reading Irwin R. Blacker’s “The Elements of Screenwriting” and learning quite a bit. Like I have already said. I am very glad that I got the book. It has been such a great help already to my writing career. You may want to get it yourselves it is that good.

It is that time where I will have to say goodbye to everyone. I hope that you guys are having a wonderful evening or day depending upon where you are at. So until next time… William out.



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