It is a Saturday afternoon…

and I am relaxing after yesterday’s immunotherapy. Glad I got that over with! I have two more appointments and then a petscan after that, so I hope that everything will turn up cool. I have been making changes to the first chapter of “A Change in Time”, tweaking if you will. I got to make that hook as big as possible. Hopefully I will be reading at the next critique group meeting at the Boca Raton library. I would like some feedback on what I have been doing.

I have been reading “The Elements of Screenwriting” by Irwin R. Blacker. I have learned a lot about putting together a story from that book. I highly recommend it! Oops I put an adverb in here! (Highly) he he! But since I am not writing a book here it is ok to put it in here. In any case the book is quite good. I am in part two ot the book where it teaches how to construct the script, which is interesting.

Others things it teaches are structure, plot, characters, conflict etc. The book does a very good job in these areas. In subsequent posts I may write about these things. Like I said before I am glad I got the book. I will continue to read it. Now as far as my writing goes, I will continue to add new pages and tweak old ones when I get the time to do it. Since I do have the time to do such things I will stop posting for now and get right to it! So until the next time… William out!



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