Memorial Day musings…

Good evening fellow writers! I hope that you are yours had a wonderful Memorial Holiday. This is a time where remember those who given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and to thank those who are serving and protecting our country from enemies who would seek to destroy our country.  We will never forget you. We will never forget the sacrifices that you have made for us so that we all can live free!

My own father (William Sr.) was shot down in WW II.  I he was the radio man in a B-17. He was nearing the end of his tour of duty, when the unthinkable occured. I think he was over Nothern Italy our Southern Austria when he his plane was shot down. Normally on that day he would be wearing his parachute but this day he had the chute at his feet.  As my father found out later only 5 men survived the crash, my father being one of them.

The B-17 when it was hit split into 3 parts. The cockpit area, the main fuselage, and the tail. My father was located in the fuselage. After the plane split the fuselage began a slow spin. My father who was seated at the time literally rolled out of the fuselage while putting on his chute.

He waited a few seconds after putting the chute on to see if the fuselage would clear him. Sure enough it did! Narrowly missed him. If he had pulled the chute earlier the fuselage would have hit him. After that he kept on looking over his shoulder as he was falling with his back toward the grouned, and when the trees started to look big enough he pulled his chute.

Once on the ground he was lucky enough to get caught by some people who then turned him over the Germans. I say lucky in the sense that they did not shoot him to death on sight. My Uncle Newell was not so lucky. He was shot down over Germany as we found out later was murdered on the ground.

My father was POW until the end of the war when he was turned over the Americans. He lost 55 pounds during that time. I cannot tell you how lucky I feel to have had a father like mine. And to think this past May 22nd we celebrated his 90th birthday! I do feel very blessed. So once again, this Memorial Holiday I would like to remember those who died for us and to thank those who are still serving our country. To me these people are the real heroes of today! So until next time fellow writers…William out!



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  1. Lisa

    Oh William, I am so glad you know the story of your father and uncle. My father in law was a fly guy. He and his brother faired safely through the war. My grandfather was a medic, survived the landing at Normandy. He never spoke of any of it. I learned that when a visitor to my home admiring his photo on my wall exclaimed his military insignia noted his Normandy service. Today, I have a niece in the Navy and nephew in the army. Friends’ kids, friends and former students serve in the military. I still have the POW bracelet for Howard B Lull Jr from Independence, MO killed in Vietnam. I wore that bracelet for 8 yrs. I took it off moments before my wedding vows. The bracelet hangs on my mirror; I will not forget his service or sacrifice. Memorial Day is only one day, we remember everyday. Loved your post.~ Lisa~

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