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Sunday Evening musings…

Boy it sure has rained hard all day here in South Florida. That is courtesy of Tropical Storm Debby which is located a few hundred miles west of my location. Looks like North Florida, Southern Georgia and Alabama may get the worst of this system. So I have been working all day out in the weather and now I am home writing.

This week I will be brainstorming changes to my story “A Change in Time”. I am following the advice that my friend Caryn gave me to make my protagonist a lot stronger. In my first writing I had him leading from behind the scenes but my new idea is to have him lead from the get go. Be a more hands on leader than he was. While I will have strong supporting characters I will make it clear that my protagonist is the leader of his group. Also there is going to be one strong antagonist who will be leading a group of henchmen (or hench aliens so to speak). This antagonist will clearly be the leader of his group.

So basically I will be starting at the end of chapter one and be making wholesale changes after that. I hope that these changes will be for the better but if I find that they are not then they will get changed again until I find that the changes have reached a suitable end for me. After all that is what writing is all about…change.

This also means I am going to have to either change or get rid of characters. (All my  secondary characters are cringing in fear right now, wondering who will get the axe!) It could be that I could re-assign characters to other roles as well. But I will have to wait and see about that one. Only when I get into the nuts and bolts of the revamping will I know.

You can have only so many strong characters in the story, otherwise the reader may very well get confused. Being how that is not my intent, I will be making some changes to my characters. So I had better get cracking! I will see you guys soon! Until next time… William out.


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Critique group meeting…

Yesterday I attended my critique group meeting down in the Boca Library and though I did not read, it was a very good experience to hear all the other writers read their work. I do get a lot out of listening to what is being read and then I try to incorporate what I learned to my own writing. At least it was fun to hear others read their work.

I am working on Chapters 4 and 5 on my story “A Change in Time”. That has been coming along real well. My critque group leader gave me some points on what I need to do about making sure that I have only one strong protagonist and one strong antagonist. So I am making adjustments as of this writing.

But then that is what writing is all about. You come up with an idea for a story, then you write that first draft, and then you make however many re-writes that need to be made in order to come to a finished product. And that finished product may be completely different from the original idea. Kind of like going down the yellow brick road. You think you will be ending up in Emerald City. But instead you end up in a place that is very different than what you thought it would be.

So the important part of the journey is to enjoy getting to your destination no matter where that place might be. And so I am back on the journey again. Pounding away at the keyboard. Turning my mind’s vision into words on the page and enjoying the process while it is being done. So until next time fellow writers…William out!

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Early Monday morning…

It’s early Monday morning and yours truly (Shoot I used and adverb there! Oh well!) finds myself situated in front of my trusty computer again. This is getting habit forming. And I must say it is a very good habit to have! So here I am posting again just to let you guys know what is going on.

Right now I am working on Chapter 4 of my novel “A Change in Time” and so far so good. This is the chapter that is going to set up the middle section of the novel. This is where I am going to setup a lot of obstacles that my protagonists are going to have to overcome. I may just include the kitchen sink for that matter!

No that may hurt one of my characters. I just may need that character! Or who knows I may axe some characters. And no amount of pleading ( i.e. as in they just got married or how many mouths that have to feed or keep a roof over their heads) from them will stop me! I must do what I must to keep the story going!

Now as you guys know that during the story the protagonist (in order to be believeable) must undergo a profound change. I have come with one hell of a profound  change for my protagonist. Most definately (Another adverb!) my protagonist will undergo change and it may not be for the good!

In any case it has been fun writing this story and I look forward to doing more of that! I will be entering some other contests as well. I will be submitting to Necon E-Books as well. So thats about it for tonight. So until next time… William out!

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Early Sunday Morning musings…

And I mean early Sunday morning he he. I have been working all night on Chapter 4 of my sci-fi novel “A Change in Time” and I am pretty satisfied with the writing so far. I have a good idea where I want the plot to go. But I am wondering if I have enough material for a novel. Only time will tell on that one! also my imagination will have a lot to do with that and so far I have not run out of ideas.

One thing is for sure I am enjoying the hell out of it. My goal for this week is to reach chapter 6. I will do it by hook or crook. It may have the worst gibberish ever written by mankind, but at least it my gibberish! Anyway as you guys know that will all come out with all the re-writes, editing and whatnot. The important thing is I am putting words to paper. Or to be more exact in my word processor documents.

Speaking of word processors, I have been using “Pages” which is a word processing app from Apple and I have said this before, it is very good. I am happy to have it! Now I am happy just to get some sleep right now guys! So until next time…William out!

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Saturday afternoon thoughts…

Hello writers! Here I am on my lunch break. So I thought I would post today. This to inform you guys that I will post tonight about what I have been doing. Now I have to go. See you guys later!
Until next time…William out!

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Early Tuesday morning ramblings…

Good early Tuesday morning fellow writers! I hope that your morning along with your day will be a good one indeed! Having the Ipad has been a plus for me in so far as my writing is concerned. And I just learned today from the WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) that my new Ipad will get an softward upgrade to iOS 6! Which will include Siri the personal digital assistant! Now how cool is that? I can see it now… “Uhh Siri could you help me out with some plotlines?” “William I have found some good plot lines for you and they are all within 10 miles of you! Shall I give you directions?” “That’s Ok Siri and by the way you have the night off! I think you will need it!” “Thanks William, you are so kind! Is there anything else I can do for you?” “No Siri and bye bye!”

Seriously though folks I am looking forward to getting Siri on the new Ipad as I am sure it will be a great help for me organizing appointments which would be just the tip of the iceberg for the program. I got a recommendation from anoter local writer that I should install “Pages” on my Ipad as well. In my opinion “Pages” is one of the best word processors for the Ipad. You can just about do most anything that Microsoft Word can do on a computer.

It has a built in dictionary, spell check, cut and paste, many different fonts, many diferent templates to write from, undo and redo buttons etc. You can name your documents and folders and organize pretty easily. At least that is what I have found so far from the program. So it has been a nice addition to my list of writing tools!

I have been taking the couple of days off to recharge from writing the novel but tonight I am back at it again. I doing some preliminary  brainstorming for chapter 3 of “A Change in Time”. I am pretty much laying the groundwork for what I am going to write later on. And by the way I am using the index card app on my Ipad to do this with! So now I can do my storyboarding on my Ipad as well!

So that basically is what I am going to do now! By the way if you guys would like to comment on any of my postings, I would sure love to hear from you. I will do my best to reply to any comments made. And on that note I will say so long! So until next time… William out!

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Friday night…

and I hope that everone is having a safe and wonderful evening. Yesterday’s critique group meeting in Wellington was well attended. The age ranged from 90 to 14 years and all were amazing. Yours truly got to read part of Chapter one of “A Change of Time” and it was generally well recieved. So my next goal is to keep on writing and implenting the sugestions that my fellow writers thought that I would need to do. The meeting was a very good and positive experience for all concerned.

Today I have been mostly relaxing. Sometimes it is good to get away from the writing for a little bit. Recharge the batteries if you will. But I will soon be back pounding the keys again. My story (whatever the final form it will take as I have been bouncing off a few ideas for my characters) screams to be told. And it will be told!

So with that in mind I will bid you guys adieu! So until the next time…William out!


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