Friday night…

and I hope that everone is having a safe and wonderful evening. Yesterday’s critique group meeting in Wellington was well attended. The age ranged from 90 to 14 years and all were amazing. Yours truly got to read part of Chapter one of “A Change of Time” and it was generally well recieved. So my next goal is to keep on writing and implenting the sugestions that my fellow writers thought that I would need to do. The meeting was a very good and positive experience for all concerned.

Today I have been mostly relaxing. Sometimes it is good to get away from the writing for a little bit. Recharge the batteries if you will. But I will soon be back pounding the keys again. My story (whatever the final form it will take as I have been bouncing off a few ideas for my characters) screams to be told. And it will be told!

So with that in mind I will bid you guys adieu! So until the next time…William out!



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