Early Tuesday morning ramblings…

Good early Tuesday morning fellow writers! I hope that your morning along with your day will be a good one indeed! Having the Ipad has been a plus for me in so far as my writing is concerned. And I just learned today from the WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) that my new Ipad will get an softward upgrade to iOS 6! Which will include Siri the personal digital assistant! Now how cool is that? I can see it now… “Uhh Siri could you help me out with some plotlines?” “William I have found some good plot lines for you and they are all within 10 miles of you! Shall I give you directions?” “That’s Ok Siri and by the way you have the night off! I think you will need it!” “Thanks William, you are so kind! Is there anything else I can do for you?” “No Siri and bye bye!”

Seriously though folks I am looking forward to getting Siri on the new Ipad as I am sure it will be a great help for me organizing appointments which would be just the tip of the iceberg for the program. I got a recommendation from anoter local writer that I should install “Pages” on my Ipad as well. In my opinion “Pages” is one of the best word processors for the Ipad. You can just about do most anything that Microsoft Word can do on a computer.

It has a built in dictionary, spell check, cut and paste, many different fonts, many diferent templates to write from, undo and redo buttons etc. You can name your documents and folders and organize pretty easily. At least that is what I have found so far from the program. So it has been a nice addition to my list of writing tools!

I have been taking the couple of days off to recharge from writing the novel but tonight I am back at it again. I doing some preliminary  brainstorming for chapter 3 of “A Change in Time”. I am pretty much laying the groundwork for what I am going to write later on. And by the way I am using the index card app on my Ipad to do this with! So now I can do my storyboarding on my Ipad as well!

So that basically is what I am going to do now! By the way if you guys would like to comment on any of my postings, I would sure love to hear from you. I will do my best to reply to any comments made. And on that note I will say so long! So until next time… William out!


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