Early Sunday Morning musings…

And I mean early Sunday morning he he. I have been working all night on Chapter 4 of my sci-fi novel “A Change in Time” and I am pretty satisfied with the writing so far. I have a good idea where I want the plot to go. But I am wondering if I have enough material for a novel. Only time will tell on that one! also my imagination will have a lot to do with that and so far I have not run out of ideas.

One thing is for sure I am enjoying the hell out of it. My goal for this week is to reach chapter 6. I will do it by hook or crook. It may have the worst gibberish ever written by mankind, but at least it my gibberish! Anyway as you guys know that will all come out with all the re-writes, editing and whatnot. The important thing is I am putting words to paper. Or to be more exact in my word processor documents.

Speaking of word processors, I have been using “Pages” which is a word processing app from Apple and I have said this before, it is very good. I am happy to have it! Now I am happy just to get some sleep right now guys! So until next time…William out!


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