Early Monday morning…

It’s early Monday morning and yours truly (Shoot I used and adverb there! Oh well!) finds myself situated in front of my trusty computer again. This is getting habit forming. And I must say it is a very good habit to have! So here I am posting again just to let you guys know what is going on.

Right now I am working on Chapter 4 of my novel “A Change in Time” and so far so good. This is the chapter that is going to set up the middle section of the novel. This is where I am going to setup a lot of obstacles that my protagonists are going to have to overcome. I may just include the kitchen sink for that matter!

No that may hurt one of my characters. I just may need that character! Or who knows I may axe some characters. And no amount of pleading ( i.e. as in they just got married or how many mouths that have to feed or keep a roof over their heads) from them will stop me! I must do what I must to keep the story going!

Now as you guys know that during the story the protagonist (in order to be believeable) must undergo a profound change. I have come with one hell of a profound  change for my protagonist. Most definately (Another adverb!) my protagonist will undergo change and it may not be for the good!

In any case it has been fun writing this story and I look forward to doing more of that! I will be entering some other contests as well. I will be submitting to Necon E-Books as well. So thats about it for tonight. So until next time… William out!


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