Critique group meeting…

Yesterday I attended my critique group meeting down in the Boca Library and though I did not read, it was a very good experience to hear all the other writers read their work. I do get a lot out of listening to what is being read and then I try to incorporate what I learned to my own writing. At least it was fun to hear others read their work.

I am working on Chapters 4 and 5 on my story “A Change in Time”. That has been coming along real well. My critque group leader gave me some points on what I need to do about making sure that I have only one strong protagonist and one strong antagonist. So I am making adjustments as of this writing.

But then that is what writing is all about. You come up with an idea for a story, then you write that first draft, and then you make however many re-writes that need to be made in order to come to a finished product. And that finished product may be completely different from the original idea. Kind of like going down the yellow brick road. You think you will be ending up in Emerald City. But instead you end up in a place that is very different than what you thought it would be.

So the important part of the journey is to enjoy getting to your destination no matter where that place might be. And so I am back on the journey again. Pounding away at the keyboard. Turning my mind’s vision into words on the page and enjoying the process while it is being done. So until next time fellow writers…William out!


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