Sunday Evening musings…

Boy it sure has rained hard all day here in South Florida. That is courtesy of Tropical Storm Debby which is located a few hundred miles west of my location. Looks like North Florida, Southern Georgia and Alabama may get the worst of this system. So I have been working all day out in the weather and now I am home writing.

This week I will be brainstorming changes to my story “A Change in Time”. I am following the advice that my friend Caryn gave me to make my protagonist a lot stronger. In my first writing I had him leading from behind the scenes but my new idea is to have him lead from the get go. Be a more hands on leader than he was. While I will have strong supporting characters I will make it clear that my protagonist is the leader of his group. Also there is going to be one strong antagonist who will be leading a group of henchmen (or hench aliens so to speak). This antagonist will clearly be the leader of his group.

So basically I will be starting at the end of chapter one and be making wholesale changes after that. I hope that these changes will be for the better but if I find that they are not then they will get changed again until I find that the changes have reached a suitable end for me. After all that is what writing is all about…change.

This also means I am going to have to either change or get rid of characters. (All my  secondary characters are cringing in fear right now, wondering who will get the axe!) It could be that I could re-assign characters to other roles as well. But I will have to wait and see about that one. Only when I get into the nuts and bolts of the revamping will I know.

You can have only so many strong characters in the story, otherwise the reader may very well get confused. Being how that is not my intent, I will be making some changes to my characters. So I had better get cracking! I will see you guys soon! Until next time… William out.


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