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Hot Friday afternoon…

Boy it is hot today! I’m glad I am inside! You can cook eggs on the sidewalk it’s so hot! Been updating character profiles today. When I’m writing and I have a character do something or act on something I update the character profile. I use something like this form.

Character name:
Character role:
Character notes:
Body Characteristics:
Race/Ethnicity/National origin:
Body Build:
Hair color/Style:
Eye color:
Fashion style:

This is my brief character profile. It is pretty self explanatory. The character notes section can contain anything about the character. personal like, dislikes, flaws, strengths, family background, personal background that can include education, girlfriends, friends, enemies etc. Basically anything that has to do with the character. This is where I update the character. I think it’s a pretty smart. What do you think? Let me know as maybe I can improve on it.

Well, back to the grind again! My sci-fi story awaits me! Until next time…William out!



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Thursday evening thoughts…

I thought I would start this post with this inspirational quote by Joyce Myers.

A #2 pencil and a dream can take you anywhere.

Joyce Myers Christian American Author (1943-)

Now that to me is the ultimate inspiration for any writer. Just being able to go anywhere in the universe while sitting at my computer is the biggest trip I can go on. And it is free to boot! Can’t get much better than that.

Still slaving away at the sci-fi story. You know the routine. You put something down. Then you change it. You put some other things down. Then they get changed. Well I am at the point where I am doing a lot of changes. It is all in an effort to get a better story out.  I have been reading Fifty Shades of Grey and though it is a different genre, I have been learning how to do internal dialogue, creating more dynamic characters, setting up scenes better, all in all I am learning how to be a better writer.

I shouldn’t say slaving as it may imply that I am not enjoying the ride. I most certainly am enjoying the ride. Sometimes it is like a roller coaster ride, you have the highs and the lows and hell sometimes you go sideways while upside down. (I will never ride a coaster again!) You guys know how it is though. We all get through it and smell like roses at the end. Speaking of which I am now going to do some more writing! (You see I like smelling like a rose!) So until next time…William out!

P.S You may want to check out The Perfect Write by Robert L. Bacon. It is a wonderful newsletter about the writing industry in general. I think you will find it to be an important tool in your wirint career. I had a chance to meet Mr. Bacon at one of my critique group meetings. He is very good.


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Early morning ramblings…

Yes it is a little after 12 midnite this Tuesday morning. I sit here in front of my computer while my Ipad is chirping various different notifications. Damn this is such an interconnected world we live in. I remember the old days before the internet was invented. My how this world has changed with all the social media going on. If there is an event that happens in the world you can bet people will know of it in seconds.

Anyway I am here brainstorming ideas and doing some revision of my science fiction story. I am having a reasonable good time with it to boot. While I was at work a few ideas came to me so I started to jot them down while I could without getting into trouble. I am sneaky that way. He he. I started to ask a few what if’s about the current storyline. So one thing lead to another. And here I am making changes to the plot.

Well if you’re a writer then you know that change is a way of life. It comes with the territory. Now the characters in my head are wondering if such changes will be good for them or not?  I keep telling them, “Don’t worry! If I fire you, kill you, or do whatever to you, you can rest assured you will resurrected again in some form.” “Don’t worry I will take care of your kids. They will be brought back in the sequel…maybe.” I say with the most hideous evil grin! It is nice to be God in the story world!

So right now I am going to go back and do some more idea generating along with updating character profiles. Such is the life of the writer! So until next time… William out!


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Monday morning thoughts…

I checked my email today and found some Writer’s Digest competitions that I may be interested in. There are three of them. One is the Popular Fiction Awards. Another is the Write It Your Way competition, and the third is the Short Short Story competition. The three have  various different submission guidlines and deadlines. So I have something new to sink my teeth into. I am looking forward to entering these contests!

Still working on my Sci-fi story. In fact I am on chapter 7 right now. I have been doing a bit of revamping the story trying to tighten up the writing. Part of the reason why I have been tightening things is I have been brainstorming ideas and implementing them. Writing is such an evolution from one thing to another. I find this journey to be an amazing on indeed!

Interesting thing in my story is the bad guy throws some gas cannisters into the time machine control room to start his attack. When I heard that is how the Colorado Movie shooting started I thought to myself…Damn how eerie is that? I am not taking out that scene though. I like it the way that it is. It kicks off the conflict in my story. If you have not conflict in your story then you have no story.

Now I am going back to write some more conflict. I guess you can say I am just a conflicted fellow. Sorry about the bad joke but I couldn’t help myself there hehe. So until next time… William out!

P.S Keep the faith people and keep on writing always!



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I thought I would post…

another quote regarding the tragedy that occured in Aurora, Colorado. The quote came from George Takei’s Facebbok Page. I think it says it all. Until next time…William out.

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Friday afternoon thoughts…

First of all I want to express my condolences to the families of all the victims in the Aurora Colorado Movie Theater attack. They certainly must be going through a horrific time right now. All I can say is my heart goes out to them in their time of need. Now normally I am a Christian thinking individual, but if Mr. Holmes, the suspect in this case, is convicted of the crime then I hope that he is sentenced to burn! It is a real sad, and I mean sad state of affairs when people go see a movie only to get shot in the process. I just wish that someone recognized the warning sighs and intervened before this individual carried out the attack. Again my heartfelt thoughts go out to the victims.

On to the writing now… I had to miss the last critique group meeeting in Boca Raton due to the fact that I was wearing a heart monitor and I did not want to get sweaty on the way down there. Basically I didn’t want any of the electrodes to slip off and thus give off a wrong reading. I need that like a hole in the head! There will be no meetings during the month of August. So it will be the first week in September where I will be able to read again. Hopefully by that time I will have a lot more done. I have the time to do some re-writing so I will do that. I want to put out the best product that I can!

Still reading and learning from 50 Shades of Grey. I have said this before and I will say it again that the novel is quite good. Normally I do not finish novels. For some reason some of the novels I tried to read don’t hold my interest. Maybe it is the writing, or the characters not well developed enough, or the plot is not developed enough, whatever the reason I simply put the book down and never got back to it. I don’t do that to John Clancy books though! The Splinter Cell books are very hard to put down! I mean that in more than one way of course! In any case the books are quite good.

Now on to writing my story. I hope that you guys have a wonderful day and keep on writing. It will do your soul a lot of good! So until next time… William out!

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It’s a Sunday Evening…

and I hope that you guys are doing well. This week saw the passing of two great actors. Ernest Borgnine and today Celeste Holm. Celeste was the same age as Ernest was. 95 years old. She was a great stage, film and television actress. She won an Oscar for a GenTeman’s Agreement. She also originated the role, Ado Annie in Rodgers and Hammersteins “Oklahoma!”. She was also nominated for Oscars in Come to the Stable and All About Eve. She will be sorely missed.

I am still working on my own sci fi story “A Change in Time.” Basically I am writing down current scenes and changing others brainstorming all the way. Like I said in post yesterday, I like putting my characters in the deepest pit possible and watch them squirm as they try to find a way out he he. Oh well I can be a complete bastard at times and this is one of those times. Besides the reader will find my story rather boring if all my characters lead a charmed life! So it is time to throw them under the bus and see who survives. Not all will I can say that!

I am going to enter this month’s 100 word contest over at Necone E-books. The caegory is trends. I hope to do well. I have tried to find out when the Cheerious Spoonful of Stories contest is starting and so far no luck on that. I miss that contest! Oh well maybe next time. On that note I am going to have to go for now so until next time…William out!

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