Saturday musings…


I can be a murdering bastard… to my characters that is! That is what I did to Mr. Bailey. I sent condolences to his family. No wait!They’re  dead too! That is the way it is though. If  a character does help to forward the story, then off with his or her head!

I changed chapter 5’s setting too. It is now more dynamic than before. In order to keep the reader engaged I must do this.  The pacing did not seem right and so I changed the setting and now things are better.

Tonight I will do some more story boarding. I like to lay down how do I say… Ideas as to how the chapter will go down and then write the chapter. I can always change things later. in fact I have already been there done that!

I have not found any evidence that the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories is going on. I would like to know so I could enter. I had fun the last time I entered. Well I have to get story boarding so until next time…William out!

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