Saturday Evening thoughts…

Hello fellow writers! I am spending a comfortable night here at home writing and posting. Speaking of which I just posted a quote by Author John Jakes on my other wordpress blog Cool Quotes Famous Quotes. You might want to check it out. Amongst Mr. Jakes credits are the Kent Family Chronicles and The North South Trilogy.

I must be honest with you guys I took a few days off from writing my story. The biggest problem that I had is writers block so to speak. I was not coming up with new ideas for the story and so I took a sabbatical. The idea being that when I come back at least I will be fresh with new ideas.

Well so far, so good. I have my characters in the deepest pits of hell right now and they are wondering what, how, and if they are going to survive! They are telling me…Please! Please now more!!!! But I have a hell of a lot more in store for them! They think they have suffered enough. They have no clue what is to come next he he!

I downloaded 50 Shades of Grey by E. L. James on my Ipad and started to read. The main reason being is I wanted to learn and take notes on how James introduced the characters and got the story goal and or conflict going. I have to say that she is quite an organized writer and really gets down to the point. I like the way she shows all the dialogue both internal and external. I like the way she describes the characters, settings, the way the each scene is put together. Here again I like the pacing or flow.

I must say that I am learning a lot and will do whatever I can to implement what I learn into my own stories. You see basically I am taking notes as I read. So far the story is quite good. Not my genre but who knows? Stranger things have happened! I have had some problems weaving in the description of my characters into my stories and now reading this 50 Shades of Grey I hope to begin to resolve those issues. As they say reading and writing complement each other. You read so you can learn how to write.

And speaking of writing, it is off to the desk I go. Well hell I am already here so I better get cracking again, writers block or no. So until next time…William out!



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2 responses to “Saturday Evening thoughts…

  1. Hiya William, Love it when the characters suffer….More is always good! Ever-Presently yours The Angel of Horror

    • i love it too! I can see it now… Jacobs kept on firing as Etok bit down on his leg. “You lizard bastard! You want a piece of me? How about eat my gun’s ass instead!” He kept on firing until the first blast wave of the nuke hit them. He he.

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