Monday morning thoughts…

I checked my email today and found some Writer’s Digest competitions that I may be interested in. There are three of them. One is the Popular Fiction Awards. Another is the Write It Your Way competition, and the third is the Short Short Story competition. The three have  various different submission guidlines and deadlines. So I have something new to sink my teeth into. I am looking forward to entering these contests!

Still working on my Sci-fi story. In fact I am on chapter 7 right now. I have been doing a bit of revamping the story trying to tighten up the writing. Part of the reason why I have been tightening things is I have been brainstorming ideas and implementing them. Writing is such an evolution from one thing to another. I find this journey to be an amazing on indeed!

Interesting thing in my story is the bad guy throws some gas cannisters into the time machine control room to start his attack. When I heard that is how the Colorado Movie shooting started I thought to myself…Damn how eerie is that? I am not taking out that scene though. I like it the way that it is. It kicks off the conflict in my story. If you have not conflict in your story then you have no story.

Now I am going back to write some more conflict. I guess you can say I am just a conflicted fellow. Sorry about the bad joke but I couldn’t help myself there hehe. So until next time… William out!

P.S Keep the faith people and keep on writing always!




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2 responses to “Monday morning thoughts…

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