Early morning ramblings…

Yes it is a little after 12 midnite this Tuesday morning. I sit here in front of my computer while my Ipad is chirping various different notifications. Damn this is such an interconnected world we live in. I remember the old days before the internet was invented. My how this world has changed with all the social media going on. If there is an event that happens in the world you can bet people will know of it in seconds.

Anyway I am here brainstorming ideas and doing some revision of my science fiction story. I am having a reasonable good time with it to boot. While I was at work a few ideas came to me so I started to jot them down while I could without getting into trouble. I am sneaky that way. He he. I started to ask a few what if’s about the current storyline. So one thing lead to another. And here I am making changes to the plot.

Well if you’re a writer then you know that change is a way of life. It comes with the territory. Now the characters in my head are wondering if such changes will be good for them or not?  I keep telling them, “Don’t worry! If I fire you, kill you, or do whatever to you, you can rest assured you will resurrected again in some form.” “Don’t worry I will take care of your kids. They will be brought back in the sequel…maybe.” I say with the most hideous evil grin! It is nice to be God in the story world!

So right now I am going to go back and do some more idea generating along with updating character profiles. Such is the life of the writer! So until next time… William out!



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