It is early Monday morning…

And I should be in bed by now. But no! Yours truly is up pounding away at the keyboard again! But don’t despair my fellow writers because it’s all good. Good morning to all you guys out there! I hope that you will have a wonderful day! As I said I have been writing this late evening/early morning. I am doing a bit of a rewrite regarding my sci fi story “A Change in Time”. Basically I read the beginning of the story after a bit of a break and found it wanting. I needed to write a better hook, I felt that the original beginning did not quite achieve that goal. So I am doing the rewrite. Probably one of many that I will do on this project.

Speaking of rewrites I listened to a very good podcast called Writing Challenges from the University of Warwick. Which is located in the U.K. David Morely is or was the Writing Director of the Warwick Writing Programme. I say was because the podcast has stopped broadcasting. But you guys may want to check it out on your Itunes University. I know that you will be glad you did. You see in the series of podcasts they offer there is a writing challenge on each individual episode. These challenges are all good and they will help you as a writer just like they have helped me.

Speaking of which I have to get back to my own writing challenges, which is to improve my hook on the reader. So until next time… William out!


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