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Late Saturday evening thoughts…

Good evening fellow writers! I hope that your weekend is going well! Go Dolphins! I got to root for my Dolphins tomorrow as the take on the undefeated Arizona Cardinals. Knowing they probably will lose but I love those Dolphins anyway.

Got a question for you guys. When is it a good time to a character profile? I used to do it before I wrote the story, but now I sometimes create the profile during the story, I’m wondering when it would be best to do it. If you guys could leave a comment I would surely appreciate it!

I submitted to Three Minute Fiction a few days ago. I have been reading some of the stories they like so far and they are quite good. Reading these stories help more to become a better writer because I can see where I need improvements in my own story telling.

The goals for this upcoming week is to write more poetry for the poetry chapbook and to continue writing my sci-fi story. I need to get that ready for my next critique group meeting in Wellington. Looking for to seeing my friends there. They are a wonderful group of people.

Well it’s getting late, so I’m going to and do some more writing. So until next time…William out!


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Early Saturday morning musings…

Hello my fellow writers! I hope that you evening, morning, or afternoon is going real well. Yesterday I went to my critique group meeting down in the Boca Raton Library. It was quite a success. It was nice not only to get a chance to read but hearing other people’s work as well.

I read a story that I am going to submit to Three Minute Fiction and a poem that I had written for my poetry chapbook. The challenge for round 9 of Three Minute Fiction is right a story in 600 words or less in which the President of the United States is a key figure. The reading went quite well and I have been implementing the suggestions from the people in my group. I have until 11:59 Sunday evening to submit the story for consideration. I will take one more look at it later on today and then I will submit the story.

I have been working on my sci fi story “A Change in Time” as well. To tell you guys the truth, it needs some work. Hopefully I will get a chance to read excerpts from the story at my next critique group meeting in Wellington. That will be in two weeks. So I will keep on working on that story and writing some more poetry. My critique leader Caryn thought my poetry shows the soft side of me.

I agree totally! I love to write poems on love, life and wisdom. Sometimes I will be at work when inspiration strikes and I write at that point. Which can be difficult owing to the nature of the job I am in. But one must do what one can do in order to get the job done. And speaking of getting the job done I shall have to say goodbye and go back to what I was doing before. Which is reading over and doing improvements to my Three Minute Fiction story. So unril next time people…William out!

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Good Tuesday morning!

Well it’s more like very late Monday night. Had a good day today for the most part. Now I’m into my writing. Just checking out my email to see if there are new contests coming up and so far there is nothing along that line, but I just checked out the Three Minute Fiction contest and it just started a couple of days ago! Glad I checked! Here is the link.

Story entries must revolve around a U.S. president, who can be real or fictional. Also the story must be less than or equal to 600 words.  Submissions will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday, Sept. 23. There is an submission link on the web page link I have given. So I hope that some of you guys go to the Three Minute Page and submit your story! So now I have another goal in so far as my writing for this month is concerned!

I am still writing poetry and making changes to my sci fi story. That can be a fair amount of work, but so long as I enjoy myself and have gun doing the writing, then I consider it not work at all. It is just plain fun being creative and all. I hope that you guys out there are having the same type of fun. Speaking of fun it looks like I am going to have to have more of that fun. So I am now off to crafting my Three Minute Fiction story, plus other things. So until next time…William out!

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Late Friday evening thoughts…


Hello to all my very good writer friends! I hope that today has brought you peace and happiness! Surely we can spread a little more peace and happiness around this wonderful world of ours! If you have any comments please feel free to write them! I would like to hear and engage you guys!

I wanted to thank my friend Lisa for sending me this link to Poets & Writers Magazine. It looks like a pretty good magazine. I have not read it completely but I will do so in the near future as I do have an interest in writing poetry. Like I mentioned before the Wellington critique group meeting went well and I am looking forward to the next meeting in Boca Raton on Sept 20th. That should be fun!’

My goals for that meeting is to tweak the hook I have on my sci-fi story “A Change in Time” and to have more poems written so I can read them as well. Now my goals for tonight are to post here and work towards achieving the aforementioned goals for the next critique group meeting.

Also like I have said in past posts, I need to check out the Writer’s Market Book to update my submissions goals. In other words target various different markets for submitting stories. Right now the more immediate goals are to write my sci-fi story and write my poetry chapbook.

So this week has been pretty good from a writing standpoint. I hope to have more of those! Speaking of writing, I need to go back and work on the hook! So until next time…William out!

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Early Friday morning thoughts…

Had a great time at my critique group meeting in Wellington! I have not seen my writer friends in a while. Lisa and Caryn were great at running the show. Several people read their stuff and I am truly amazed at the talent represented in the group. Although I did not get a chance to read I had a good time listening to others read. Besides it will give me more time to tweak my story for the next meeting in Boca Raton.

Been reworking my sci-fi story “A Change in Time”. I am currently reworking the hook in chapter one. I believe I have said this in previous post so sorry about the repetition. I am also writing poems as well and placing them in my chapbook for future reference. I do plan on publishing that chapbook in the future. It’s been fun writing that as well.

Been checking up on Writersmarket to see about making submissions to sci-fi magazines. I so far haven’t written any stories yet as I am organizing who to submit what! Anyway I’m keeping busy and that is the most important thing. Well I have to go now so until next time…William out!


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Early Thursday afternoon thoughts…

Hello fellow writers! It’s an early Thursday afternoon and I’m getting ready to attend my critque group meeting over at the Wellington library. The meeting will start at 6:30 pm and I don’t want to be late. It should be fun and I’m looking forward to being there. It will be nice to see some old friends read there and maybe do some reading myself.

So with that in mind I’m going to go for now. I will post again after the meeting to let you guys know how it went! So until next time…William out!

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Here is a writers quote from Gustave Flaubert…

The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.

Gustave Flaubert

I do believe in that completely. Everytime I write I do discover what I believe… By the way I updated my About me page. I put my full name there so you guys will know my name! Well I have to go again so until next time…William out!

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