Early Tuesday morning thoughts…

Well it’s another early morning and I just read about Michael Clarke Duncan passing away today. He was one hell of an actor. I thought his best movie was the Steven King flick “Green Mile”. He seemed to me to be an all around nice guy. Big as hell too! He was 6ft 5 inches and 300 pounds.

I myself am 6 ft 7 inches and a little over 300 pounds. He just was a real cool dude and I know the world will miss him. Rest in Peace Mr. Duncan, I know the Good Lord will accept you into heaven.

On another topic, I hope that everyone one of my writer friends out there had a wonderful Labor Day! I myself had to go to work, but do not fell unhappy for me because I got double time for it! I can use the money for sure but I will try to save it first if I can!

I have several goals for this writing session. First post to my blog here about what I am doing. Which is nothing yet. After this post is done my writer goals are to keep on working on my sci-fi story, add some new poems to my poetry chapbook, make and or create some character profiles. Now granted that is a fair amount of work and I might not achieve all the goals, but I will achieve most of it and just doing that will make me a happy camper. Besides I do believe in the writers motto…no matter what happens, keep on writing!

Like I said in my last post I am looking forward to the Wellington Library Critique group meeting. I haven’t seen my friends there in more than a month. It will be nice to see them again! It is just a nice feeling to be in a room with people of good character. Well I am off to do some more writing…So until next time…William out!


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