Early Friday morning thoughts…

Had a great time at my critique group meeting in Wellington! I have not seen my writer friends in a while. Lisa and Caryn were great at running the show. Several people read their stuff and I am truly amazed at the talent represented in the group. Although I did not get a chance to read I had a good time listening to others read. Besides it will give me more time to tweak my story for the next meeting in Boca Raton.

Been reworking my sci-fi story “A Change in Time”. I am currently reworking the hook in chapter one. I believe I have said this in previous post so sorry about the repetition. I am also writing poems as well and placing them in my chapbook for future reference. I do plan on publishing that chapbook in the future. It’s been fun writing that as well.

Been checking up on Writersmarket to see about making submissions to sci-fi magazines. I so far haven’t written any stories yet as I am organizing who to submit what! Anyway I’m keeping busy and that is the most important thing. Well I have to go now so until next time…William out!



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4 responses to “Early Friday morning thoughts…

  1. Lisa

    Good to see you last night. We didn’t get to finish our chat. I like your plan for reworking the hook. See you in BR.

  2. Lisa

    Hey That link is http://www.pw.org/magazine. Check it out online or at your local bookshop with a magazine rack… 🙂 Lisa

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