Late Saturday evening thoughts…

Good evening fellow writers! I hope that your weekend is going well! Go Dolphins! I got to root for my Dolphins tomorrow as the take on the undefeated Arizona Cardinals. Knowing they probably will lose but I love those Dolphins anyway.

Got a question for you guys. When is it a good time to a character profile? I used to do it before I wrote the story, but now I sometimes create the profile during the story, I’m wondering when it would be best to do it. If you guys could leave a comment I would surely appreciate it!

I submitted to Three Minute Fiction a few days ago. I have been reading some of the stories they like so far and they are quite good. Reading these stories help more to become a better writer because I can see where I need improvements in my own story telling.

The goals for this upcoming week is to write more poetry for the poetry chapbook and to continue writing my sci-fi story. I need to get that ready for my next critique group meeting in Wellington. Looking for to seeing my friends there. They are a wonderful group of people.

Well it’s getting late, so I’m going to and do some more writing. So until next time…William out!


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