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A good Thursday evening to…

all my writer friends out there! It is getting close to Election Day so please go out and vote! Too many people have paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we may have the priviledge to go into the voting booth. So go to your nearest precinct and vote. When you do that then your voice and your opinion does matter.

Now let’s go on to another topic. I would like to discuss the role that setting plays in a story. To me it plays a critical role in assisting the plot. It sets the mood, location, time line amongst other things. I do believe that it sets the environment for the characters to work in. The passage of time as an element to the setting also helps to move the plot line along.

The setting could be anywhere, ranging from earth to the rest of the universe and it could be anytime. I have a lot of fun imagining strange exotic places in future or past realms. It is almost like I get trasnported from my little study here is South Florida, to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. I can go back to Jurassic times or leap forward into a future of my own imagining.

It’s like a roller coaster ride. though with out the usual feeling/visual danger. He he I do like the danger part though, but that is for another posting. In any case my main point is the setting is critical to the plot line and needs to be introduced accordling.

As you guys know I have been working hard on my sci fi story “A Change in Time”. I have been doing some major re-edits and re-writes on the story do to the fact that when I started to read what I had written, I found that it needed tightening up pretty badly. So that is an ongoing process right now.

That is fun to do but it is work and sometimes it can get tiring. So I do my work in spurts so to speak. I like to come back as fresh as I can so the work itself will be fresh. And speaking of which I am going back to my work now. But I leave you this quote…

“If there is a book you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it. –Toni Morrison

Until next time William…out!


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Early Tuesday morning thoughts…

Just thought I would check in with you guys and see how things are going. I mentioned a couple of days ago that I would be going to the Boca Raton critique group meeting. Unfortunately something came up and I could not go. Barring something happening in the future, I will attend the Wellington meeting. I do miss my friends from these meetings and so it will be nice to see them again in action.

Still working on my sci-fi story “A Change in Time”. Basically tonight I have been brainstorming ideas and subplot lines using Karen Weisner’s 30 day method. So far so good. Now mind you my story has taken a lot longet than 30 days, but I am using that method as a general guideling for brainstorming ideas. I find I like to try and brainstorm and see which ideas works and which don’t. At least I have an idea of what to write about. It certainly helps to break that dreaded writers block!

I haven’t been writing any poems lately. The inspiration hasn’t been there, but I do plan on changing that in the near future. You see I have been adding poems to my poetry chapbook in the hopes of one day soon that will be published as well. Looking forward to that!

I will be submitted to Necone E Books this month as well. It is always fun and challenging to submit 100 word stories to their monthly contest. I always get encouragement from their editor so I keep on trying! Speaking of trying, I need to get to trying my hand at writing! So until next time…William out!

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Going to critique group meeting…

today. I hope to have some fun! Let you guys know what happened later on!

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