Early Tuesday morning thoughts…

Just thought I would check in with you guys and see how things are going. I mentioned a couple of days ago that I would be going to the Boca Raton critique group meeting. Unfortunately something came up and I could not go. Barring something happening in the future, I will attend the Wellington meeting. I do miss my friends from these meetings and so it will be nice to see them again in action.

Still working on my sci-fi story “A Change in Time”. Basically tonight I have been brainstorming ideas and subplot lines using Karen Weisner’s 30 day method. So far so good. Now mind you my story has taken a lot longet than 30 days, but I am using that method as a general guideling for brainstorming ideas. I find I like to try and brainstorm and see which ideas works and which don’t. At least I have an idea of what to write about. It certainly helps to break that dreaded writers block!

I haven’t been writing any poems lately. The inspiration hasn’t been there, but I do plan on changing that in the near future. You see I have been adding poems to my poetry chapbook in the hopes of one day soon that will be published as well. Looking forward to that!

I will be submitted to Necone E Books this month as well. It is always fun and challenging to submit 100 word stories to their monthly contest. I always get encouragement from their editor so I keep on trying! Speaking of trying, I need to get to trying my hand at writing! So until next time…William out!


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