Monday evening musings…

Good evening  everyone! I hope that your day has gone well. Mine has! Remember if you have not voted early then please vote tomorrow! Too many people commited the ultimate sacrifice in order for us to be able to vote. It is our duty as citizens to do so.

I am working on chapter 3 of my sci fi story “A Change in Time.” So far so good on that front! It is slow going though. But I guess it is better to go slow than not at all. Later on tonight I will write some more poems for my poetry chap book. Then I will once again brainstorm plot ideas for my sci fi story.

Like I mentioned last time I’m building the framework of the story and then actually writing the story. It seems so far that is the way to go for me. But then who knows? Maybe with a different story I will write in a different way. I guess that is what you call evolution. It is all about finding the best way to do things.

Later on this week I will make it a goal of mine to do the necessary character sketches. But for right now I will just keep on writing. After all that is the fun part of it now isn’t it?

Had a great critique group meeting over at the Wellington library. The library is about 6 miles west of West Palm Beach, Fla. We do have a talented group of writers that most got a chance to read. Yours truly read along with the others and right now I’m implementing the suggestions that they gave me.

Speaking of which I need to get back to writing the story so unril next time…William out!



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2 responses to “Monday evening musings…

  1. You’re doing so much better than I. Writing a book takes so much time and energy. I seem to be better at writing blogs and procrastinating writing the books.

    • I agree Rebecca! It does take a lot of energy to write a book. That is for sure. But I do believe that breaking down your goals small enough so they can be managed easily will help in the long run.

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