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Tomorrow is New Years Eve…

and I hope that everyone will have a safe and wonderful holiday. I’m not sure where I will be, but you can bet I will have a couple of beers in me by the time the clock strikes midnight. Now mind you I will not drink too much as I will have to run the gauntlet of police and drunk idiots out there. So I will most definitely be careful!

I have been working on my writing, and to be more specific I have been working on character profiles. That has been my goal for the week along with the usual brainstorming. Got several new writing apps on my iPhone. Which makes things very convenient in case I get new ideas then the phone is right there for me to copy them to.

One of the apps is an index card app that has several cool features like setting profiles, character profiles and the like. So it makes it easy to organize thoughts on the phone and then come home and work on those ideas.

I will try to write once a week now. Now sometimes I may have difficulty doing that due to Doctor’s appointments and what not. But I will be more consistent in my posting here than I have. And who knows you guys may see more than one posting per week. But for now I will set a goal of at least one post per week to this blog.

Well I have to get on with my writing so until next time…William out!



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Merry Christmas….

to all my writer friends out there! You have a wonderful day with your loved ones!

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Just thought I would wish everyone….

a wonderful holiday and a happy and healthy New Year! So until next time…William out!

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Friday afternoon thoughts…

Good afternoon my fellow writers! First of all let me say this about the horrific tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary school. I want to send my prayers, thoughts and love to all those affected. May the good Lord take them into his loving embrace always. Nothing, no word or any other form of human language can begin to explain the how and why this happened. But we need to come together and support those affected.

Now on to my own business. Two days ago I went in to get cataract surgery. The surgery itself went Ok. Now mind you this is a first for me. I’m not sure of the recovery time but I was still experiencing the same symptoms in the right eye. The eye doctor took a real close look at the eye and said there is nothing wrong with the new lens or the rest of the eye. The retina was in good shape etc.

So the same day the eye doctor scheduled me for an MRI. Now by this time my sister and mother (Thank the good Lord for them!) came on by and drove me (My right eye was dilated and there was some rain outside) to the MRI place. Spent more than an hour inside the machine. I’m not fond of doing MRI’s as they can be very confining, but like the trooper I am I stuck it out!

Now you can imagine, here I am coming in to take a visual test thinking I’m well on my way to getting my vision back and Bam! there was no change. At first we thought there might be another tumor. The scan disproved that, Thank God! The scan did reveal that my pituitary gland shifted though. So at some point I will see a neurologist about why the visual impairment and the pituitary situation.

Which leads me to today where I’m sitting comfortably in my chair writing and doing immunotherapy. (I have seen my share of doctors this week!!!) The immunotherapy was scheduled as my immune system needs a boost now and then!

Which now leads me to writing. Finally!!! Well my first goal is to make this post and let you guys know how I’m doing. And later on today after get home I will write on my sci-fi story “A Change in Time”. I may do some of that here but doing this immunotherapy is tiring so I think I will go home, catch my breath and then write later on.

So there you have it! I hope to post again soon. So until next time… William out!

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It’s a beautiful Sunday evening…

I am here in front of the computer typing out thousands of words. Ok… Not that many words, but I’m doing some writing. I got my first day of eye drops done. This was done while at work. You see I’m getting ready for cataract surgery to be done on the right eye this Wednesday and to tell the truth while I might have a little trepidation, I cant wait for it to be done and have my vision restored in the right eye. My left eye, which is still reasonably good, will be done a short while later. But it is the right eye that needs to be done now. So wish me luck.

I have been updating some character profiles regarding my sci-fi story “A Change in Time”. I’m learning that character profiles are a work in progress and need updating as the story goes along. Tony Jacobs is my protagonist and he along with me have grown a bit. He is becoming more assertive and vulnerable at the same time. It’s those weaknesses and strengths that makes a character and the story itself more interesting.

I usually like to start out my writing session by listening to The Writer’s Almanac by Garrison Keillor. Each episode showcases writers that were born on the same day that the Almanac is published online along with a reading of a poem at the end. It is really quite good and a lot of times I get inspired to write because of it.

So it’s off to another listening of the Writer’s Almanac and then I’m off to do some more writing…So until next time…William out!

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Thursday evening musings…

Good evening fellow writers! I hope that your day went well like mine. I started off the day going to get and ekg from a localĀ  doctor in preparation for next weeks cataract surgery. That went well, and then later on I had dinner with the parents at the local Longhorns. I arrived at about 5:30 and started to ask the hostess if two elderly people were… and then I heard my Dad’s voice beckoning me to come on over.

So I did. I sat across from mother and we discussed what we were going to do insofar ad getting me to surgery and back. Then waitress came and took our orders. I got the jumbo fried shrimp, and my dad had his usual hamburger. Mom ordered steak I do believe. I can’t say how lucky a man I am to still have my parents around. They have been a wonderful influence in my life and continue to do so.

After that I went to see my friends at the critique group meeting in Wellington and though I came at the end of the meeting, it was none the less very nice to see all my writer friends there. I mentioned that I will try to be at the Boca Raton meeting, but do to surgery issues that may be in doubt. At least things look good for me to participate in meetings during the new year.

Did not do much writing today. But I shall so rectify that! So until next time…William out!

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Wednesday night thoughts

Good evening everyone! Just got off work a little while ago and now I’m relaxing with IPad in hand. I’m getting ready for another writing session. Actually I already did some of that at work as a few words of inspiration came to me.

I got an idea that helped to tighten up my story and so I’m in the process of making some changes. I think it’s a good thing to tighten things up as it helps to make smoother reading for my readers.

I’m not sure if I will attend my critique group meeting tomorrow in Wellington as I may have dinner plans with family. But if I do I will report on it later tomorrow. More likely I will sit in and critique other people’s writing than do reading of my own material, but that is not a bad thing either.

I get to listen to other people’s style of writing and that serves to help my own writing. So I will see what happens. One thing is for sure I will have the best of two worlds. One with my family and one with my family of writers!

Like I said before I’m still working on my sci-fi story “A Change in Time”. I’m going to throw so many things at my protagonist Tony Jacobs it will make his head swim! He needs to get in trouble once in awhile or he would be boring. Readers don’t like boring so I’m going to spice up Tony’s life even though he pleading with me not to.

You see I’ve already got him pretty well busted up, but he’ll build a bridge and get over it. He is that kind of guy. Well time is moving on and so must I. So until next time…William out!

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