Thursday evening musings…

Good evening fellow writers! I hope that your day went well like mine. I started off the day going to get and ekg from a local  doctor in preparation for next weeks cataract surgery. That went well, and then later on I had dinner with the parents at the local Longhorns. I arrived at about 5:30 and started to ask the hostess if two elderly people were… and then I heard my Dad’s voice beckoning me to come on over.

So I did. I sat across from mother and we discussed what we were going to do insofar ad getting me to surgery and back. Then waitress came and took our orders. I got the jumbo fried shrimp, and my dad had his usual hamburger. Mom ordered steak I do believe. I can’t say how lucky a man I am to still have my parents around. They have been a wonderful influence in my life and continue to do so.

After that I went to see my friends at the critique group meeting in Wellington and though I came at the end of the meeting, it was none the less very nice to see all my writer friends there. I mentioned that I will try to be at the Boca Raton meeting, but do to surgery issues that may be in doubt. At least things look good for me to participate in meetings during the new year.

Did not do much writing today. But I shall so rectify that! So until next time…William out!


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