Friday afternoon thoughts…

Good afternoon my fellow writers! First of all let me say this about the horrific tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary school. I want to send my prayers, thoughts and love to all those affected. May the good Lord take them into his loving embrace always. Nothing, no word or any other form of human language can begin to explain the how and why this happened. But we need to come together and support those affected.

Now on to my own business. Two days ago I went in to get cataract surgery. The surgery itself went Ok. Now mind you this is a first for me. I’m not sure of the recovery time but I was still experiencing the same symptoms in the right eye. The eye doctor took a real close look at the eye and said there is nothing wrong with the new lens or the rest of the eye. The retina was in good shape etc.

So the same day the eye doctor scheduled me for an MRI. Now by this time my sister and mother (Thank the good Lord for them!) came on by and drove me (My right eye was dilated and there was some rain outside) to the MRI place. Spent more than an hour inside the machine. I’m not fond of doing MRI’s as they can be very confining, but like the trooper I am I stuck it out!

Now you can imagine, here I am coming in to take a visual test thinking I’m well on my way to getting my vision back and Bam! there was no change. At first we thought there might be another tumor. The scan disproved that, Thank God! The scan did reveal that my pituitary gland shifted though. So at some point I will see a neurologist about why the visual impairment and the pituitary situation.

Which leads me to today where I’m sitting comfortably in my chair writing and doing immunotherapy. (I have seen my share of doctors this week!!!) The immunotherapy was scheduled as my immune system needs a boost now and then!

Which now leads me to writing. Finally!!! Well my first goal is to make this post and let you guys know how I’m doing. And later on today after get home I will write on my sci-fi story “A Change in Time”. I may do some of that here but doing this immunotherapy is tiring so I think I will go home, catch my breath and then write later on.

So there you have it! I hope to post again soon. So until next time… William out!


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One response to “Friday afternoon thoughts…

  1. Hey, sorry for the complications of the eye surgery. You are such a good patient, they have you coming back for more because you brighten their day! On to better results, though! Hang in there. You know prayers are heaven bound for you as well as all those you mentioned in CT.
    Steady as she goes… and when youreturn for the next round I hope you give them a good old Pactrick Stewart, “Engage” command!

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