Happy New Year…

to all of my writer friends and readers out there! I hope that the New Year will bring a lot of happiness to everyone. Today I checked the Three Minute Fiction page to see when Round 10 will start and the Necon Ebooks page for any new contests. So far that is a negative. I will be ready in any case. Just say the word!

Still plugging away at my Sci-fi story “A Change in Time”. I changed the lead character’s name from Tony Jacobs to Ward Jacobs. I think that the latter name sounds a bit better. To me it has a certain ring to it.

Like I mentioned before I will try to keep up a once a week posting to this blog here. It helps me to keep focused on what I’\m doing regarding my writing. And to that point my goals for tonight are continue to brainstorm, make more changes to the characters, do some outlining if ideas and to try to follow Karen Weisner’s 30 day method of novel writing.

I tried that before but found it difficult to do. This time I will try harder. Since I have had some health issues before, I find myself more dedicated than ever to get this project done along with others. Who knows what tomorrow may bring? Hopefully good things but you never know. One thing is for sure I never thought I would have gotten cancer but I did. It sure does change your outlook on life in general.

But enough about me…It is time I get back to my writing….So until next time William out!



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2 responses to “Happy New Year…

  1. Hey there oneCoolsoul~
    We missed you in Welly last night! Many new faces and styles shared. Happy New Year to you, too. Love the attitude of trying harder on the novel compeltion goal. I am right there with you on mine as well as the short story collection in the works.
    Take care, William. Prayers for all~

    • Thanks Lisa for the kind words! I missed you guys! I hope to see you at Boca! And if not, then Wellington. This would be dependent on medical issues and work related issues. Management is forcing us to do mandatory overtime. Which is not too bad for me as I need the money!

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