Good evening people!

I hope that your day was a joyous one. Mine certainly was! I spent the past two days changing character profiles. I think I have mentioned this before. I changed my protagonists name from Tony Jacobs to Ward Jacobs. I think the new moniker is a better fit to the story than the old one. Now Mr. Jacobs hemmed and hawed about the change, but in the end he relented. Especially when I told him he had no choice in the matter. Besides his girlfriend Amy loves the name change. she says it’s more sexy. In any case it’s all good. Now Ward is all excited!

I am going to finish making the changes tonight and then do some writing and brainstorming. I also promised myself that I would create three new poems tonight and look at any upcoming writing contests that I may enter again. I checked out the Three Minute Fiction site and it looks like round 10 will be starting shortly. I will be definitely looking forward to that. Plus I would like to try my hand at writing some short fiction as well.

I have to admit to you guys that I am still trying to find the best way to put a novel together. It’s hard to say the least but it is very enjoyable. I not only keep a journal here about what I do, but I also keep hand written notes detailing where I’m at. This way I can keep things organized and not forget to tie up loose subplots and threads. Otherwise I would go bananas. And you guys would not want me to go bananas right? Sure you do!

So I’m trying the outline thing. What do you guys think about outlining? I think it is a good way to go. I am still being creative, but organized at the same time. You guys should see all the little paper notebooks, computers, IPads and what not just for the sole purpose of getting this project together. I’m glad that I have these tools though I wish that someone out there would come up with a better novel writing program for the IPad. Something like a ywriter app would be nice. An app that could organize everything from your character profiles to the numbered chapters of your book. That would be nice. If any of you guys see one let me know I would sure appreciate it!

I came up with some nice love poems yesterday and I said “Damn I got to write that down!”. And so I did. Now speaking of writing… I’m going to go for now so until next week. (Or who knows maybe earlier!)…William out!



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3 responses to “Good evening people!

  1. So Sir WIlliam, when are we, your loyal subjects going to get to hear or read your poetry? And yes, try short fictiion, I need the company!
    I had a great week in Habitat Stewardship Training in Broward this week. Spending the day out in nature is the BEST this time of year in Florida!
    Post us a poem, Sweet William…

  2. Hey William,
    Do you get the rss of Writer’s Digest in email? In the one today the prompt is fun. It made me think of you, sci-fi and you saying you wanted to try short fiction…. Here is the prompt: 500 words max

    A Mad Scientist Approaches You With an Offer
    A mad scientist approaches you with an offer-he will heighten one of your senses, but it will make one of your other senses duller. It isn’t optional; he’s going to perform the surgery anyway, but you get to choose which two senses. Write this scene.
    Post your response (500 words or fewer) in the comments here:
    A Mad Scientist Approaches You With an Offer

    Will you be at Boca on Thursday? Hope so.
    Till then… maythewordsflow

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