Good evening fellow writers…

I trust that your day went well! Mine sure did! I have been trying to find a book about writing novels for quite some time now. So this week I found a wonderful book by Cathy Yardley named Rock Your Plot:A Simple System For Plotting Your Novel. I tell you what guys, as a writing reference this book is quite good. You can download the book to your Kindle as a digital file, I think it was a couple of bucks for the download. Correct me if I’m wrong.

It gives good information on plot points, goal, motivation, conflict, character sketches, the inciting incident among other things. And the nice thing about this book is that I can develop my “A Change in Time storyline with this book. So I am going to use the book quite a bit regarding my sci-fi novel. I think I have finally found a book that can help me take my novel to the next level.

Tomorrow the Three Minute Fiction contest begins. I can’t wait for that to start. I am looking forward to participating in Round Ten. I will be fun. Tonight is the last night to submit to Necon E-Books 100 word story contest. I almost forgot about that! I received an email from Writer’s Digest regarding the Poetry % Prose Writing Contest One The Judges are Kerry Cohen and Kirkus MacGowen. I may check that out. The first prize is $500 plus publication in Poets and Writers Magazine, Duotrope and Scibophile
Well I must go on and continue my writing so until next time…William out!



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4 responses to “Good evening fellow writers…

  1. Wow that is a nice prize. Best of luck.

  2. I highly recommend Wired for Story by Lisa Cron as a writing guidebook. It talks about neuroscience and how the brain reacts to storytelling, and what we’re built to like. Very cool read and some helpful questions at the end of each chapter to help the writer improve their plot and pacing.

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