Saturday Evening thougts…

Good evening fellow writers! I hope that your day went well. Mine sure did. I wanted to give congratulations to my fellow writer and friend Leslie A. Borghini A.K.A “The Angel of Horror”. Her book “Angel Heat” just got published on I bought her book yesterday and I’m looking forward to reading it. She has helped me in the past with some very good writing tips and I’m so happy that she finally got her book published. I know that she has been working very hard on that project.

Speaking of which I have been working very hard on my project as well. I have been updating Character sketches, updating the outline as well using the Storyskeleton app on both my iPhone and Ipad as well. Now I need to create the scenes and put them in the outline and then actually write the scenes. I also did a lot of cutting to the story. Last week I read the story just to see how it did on the pacing and it did very poorly. I know it may be a little soon to do such things but I felt the story simply dragged to much. So I did a lobotomy to it. Now the pace is much better in my opinion.

I have been submitting to Necone E-Books as well. This month the theme is horror Haiku. Su I have been submitting my haiku’s there as well. I have been checking out when the next Cheerios Spoonful of Stories will start. I hope it will start soon. I had fun submitting to that contest and I would like to do it again. Now I an going to go back and keep on writing my sci-fi story. So until next time…William out!



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2 responses to “Saturday Evening thougts…

  1. Stories sometimes need a lobotomy. I always have to remind myself, “It’s for the best…”.

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