Good Wednesday Morning!

I hope that your day is going fine. Mine sure is. I have been submitting several Haiku’s to Necon E-Books monthly contest. This month’s theme is horror haiku’s. So I have been having fun with that. Let’s see maybe I can come up with something here.

He played with fire.

Now it is her desire.

That he burns in hell!


Here is another little poem.


She played with his heart.

He loaded his revolver.

Now she is no more.


Like I said. I had some fun with it and now I’m waiting for next month’s challenge. I have been checking to see when the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories contest will start. So far nothing there, but I will keep on checking. I have been working on my sci-fi story, but there is a new twist. I bought the writing program Scrivener! I must say that is a hell of a program. Now I am much more organized as a writer. I like the fact that I can view my document from the smallest point of view to the largest. There are quite a few good options regarding that program. I have a smile on my face when I sit down to writer now because I am able to write more effectively.

I will be attending the Wellington Critique group meeting this Thursday. I hope read this go around. I must say that the talent at these group meetings are exceptional to say the least. I will report here on the blog how the meeting goes. It will be very nice to see my writer friends again.

Well I have to go for now so until next time…William out!


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