Good evening people!

Or actually I should say good morning! I hope that your day will go well. This early morning I am faced with a decision. Write or clean the house! I debated the two options for a few minutes. Write in the middle of all this clutter. Or clean and write at the same time. You see I am not a fan of cleaning. It is not one of my favorite things to do. But on the other hand I do like a place that is neat so I decided on the latter. I set goals tonight to do both. So now that I have done the cleaning portion for tonight here I am sitting in front of the computer pounding away at the keyboard.

I didn’t attend my Boca Raton critique group because id decided to do some more writing. I will make every attmpt to attend the Welling meeting though. That will be in the first week of April. I checked out the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories site today and do far no change. I will keep up with that though and post back here if something happens.

Been keeping with the poetry writing. One of these days soon I would like to publish my poetry chapbook. As of right now though I keep coming up with ideas and writing them down. I would like my poems to be a bit stronger before I go to the next level.

I have been organizing my sci-fi story ” A Change in Time”. I have been using the program Scrivener to make the organizational changes to my core outline. I have been writing the scenes to these plot points in the core outline.

1. Inciting Incident.
2. Plot point 1.
3. Pinch point 1.
4. Mid Point
5. Pinch Point 2.
6. Plot point 3.
7. Black Moment
8. Resolution.

Once these are written then I have the core for my first draft and I can fill in those scenes in between the plot points thus creating my first draft. Let me tell this has been a fun project. A lot of work but fun. Well guys I have to go for now so until nest time…William out!


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