Going to my critique group meeting today!

I hope that it doesn’t rain, but it doesn’t look good now. As I write this post there is tornado warning going on just to the north of my location. Cool front is going through and it is meeting up with a lot of warm air, hence the severe weather activity. I’m supposed to be at the Wellington library at 1830 hours. We will see how the weather goes!

I hope to do some reading tonight! I may plan on reading a possible alternate ending of my sci-fi story “A Change inTime”. This has to do with writing the eight major plot points that I have mentioned in previous posts. But I may read some poetry, when the times comes. it depend on my mood I guess!

I checked in with the Cheerios web site to see if the Spoonful of Stories contest has started. no dice yet, but I will keep on checking! I don’t give up! That is for sure! A friend of mine once said, “Never up, never in!” This meant of course If you never take time to get something done, it will never be done! So of course that is why I keep on writing! I’ll never stop!

I just renewed my subscription to the Writer’s Market site. It is a hell of a database for all sort of markets out there. I keep on looking suitable places to submit my work. it just like fishing! There are plenty if places to go fish in the Writer’s Market! I just hope to get a bite!

Now I must return to my writing duties! So until next time…William out!

P.S. Wow, I just got news that film critic Roger Ebert just passed away! He was a hell of a critic and a damned good writer! He will be sorely missed!


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