I braved the weather yesterday…

I made to my critique group meeting in Wellington, Florida despite the severe weather. The meeting was well attended and even though I didn’t share my work, I had a wonderful time listening and learning from others, It is always a pleasure to see my friends at these meetings Local author Robert Mykle, (Some books by this author…Palm Beach Confidential, Killer Cane.) addressed us. He talked on various different topics regarding the writing industry. he was very well received by the group.

Now today, while I have been doing immunotherapy, I have been writing haiku’s on various different subjects and genres. I wanted to achieve that goal whilst I’m here hooked up to a machine. I know, I know it’s tough but it’s better than the alternative. So here I sit, but I’m not hearted! I’m just glad that I’m here, alive and well, doing what I love to, and that is write! There are a lot of people here in the chemo ward that are worse off than me. kudos to all the nurses and the volunteers who take of us. They do an amazing job under difficult circumstances.

Now since I’m feeling a bit better, I was coming close to having a little bit of a reaction to the medicine, I resumed writing. This post is one of my goals for today. when I get home tonight I will work on some plot points and write some scenes. So that is the plan so far folks! Right I will close this post out by saying, thanks for reading! Until next time…William out!



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3 responses to “I braved the weather yesterday…

  1. Hey! Just back from work and wanted to check in. You have been on my mind all day. I see you are being productive while there. It was a great evening with the writers group but hanging afterward was the best. I am going to hold you to that visit to the ice cream place you found… I love discoveries like that! I was disappointed you didn’t get to read last night.
    Robert did a nice job fielding some challenging questions about process and true logistics of authoring. Have a great weekend~
    Till next time,

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