I achieved a small milestone…

I reached 500 likes on this blog. I’m pretty proud of that feat and I hope that I get a lot more likes in the future! Right now I am writing some poetry for the poetry chapbook. I find myself doing that when I get tapped for ideas in writing my novel. I think that is a good way of keeping the muse in good working order. That and posting here on the blog. I wanted to thank you guys for all the likes regarding my last post as I wasn’t sure if I’d make the critique group meeting last week due to bad weather. As you guys know I made it just fine and although I did not read my work, I had a good time with my friends.

I checked to see if the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories is on and so far no dice. I will check again though as I want to compete in that contest. Note to self, start writing children’s stories so that I will have some to submit when the contest starts. I think it’s best to have something written and then tweaked a couple of times before submitting. At least I get a better chance of winning by so doing.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m still working on the sci-fi novel. It’s just sometimes I get bogged down and need to stand back and look at the work from a different perspective. I need to sometimes just put it down, walk away and then come back with a fresh mind and write. This way things get done, progress is made, and I’m a lot happier individual for doing so. At least I’m not tearing my hair out. Check that! I’m bald to begin with! Oh well…maybe I won’t throw something instead!

Now here is a little horror haiku for you guys. It’s called “She is undead!”

She is Undead.



She offers her neck.
His fangs accept the offer.
Now she is undead.

Well it’s time for me to move on to other aspects of writing so until next time…William out!



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5 responses to “I achieved a small milestone…

  1. 500 Likes is great. 337 followers and growing…. you have a fan base here.
    Good job. And we know when we hear from you, there will be words evoking thought and emotion. The event in Boston is beyond wordds. Yours covered all. Thanks for putting it out there so well.
    Be well and write often~

  2. Ron

    The 2013 Spoonfuls of Stories New Author Contest will begin accepting submissions May 1st to July 31st according to the Simon and Schuster page, exciting times for those of you who are interested in participating. Keep on checking in on the Spoonfuls of Stories page for this years rules and regulations and Good Luck!

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