Good Evening Folks!

I hope that your evening is very pleasant and that your weekend will go very well indeed. First of all as I’m writing this post it has been reported that the second Boston Marathon suspect has been captured. I must say that I cannot be any proud of the law enforcement effort on this issue. Now it is on to the next phase in this very sad affair.

I was able to attend the Boca Raton Critique group meeting. The meeting was well attended. The guest speaker was author Jade Kerrion. She spoke about increasing your web presence regarding Facebook, Twitter, and of course blogging. I must say that she put together a very well organized presentation.

She talked about “Brand Building” which is a group of activities that we as writers should engage in to get our names and work noticed by the public. She mentioned that consistency is the name of the game. You put out your…

So as to make it easy for your audience to get to know you.

Platform components would be…

Social Media.

Some of the social media outlets could be…

Google plus.

Those are some of the main social media outlets. Others are…

Also you could put your RSS feed out there as well.

Jade also mentioned some useful links as well like…
Here is a link to manage followers…

Shorten links.

Schedule tweets.
That last link helps you not let tter consume your life!

Another useful link is

Here is the last and most important link. This is the link to Jade’s web site. I highly recommend that you peruse the site thoroughly as it will be a great help to you! She shared a great deal with meeting and it is my thought that I would go ahead and share as much of that as I could here.
Here is the link to Jade’s site. I hope that you enjoy it and learn from it as well.

Now I would like to get back to the meeting itself which was hosted by my friend Caryn. The meeting went real well. Most if not all the writers read including yours truly. The talent that we have at this meeting is quite extraordinary and I’m quite proud to be a part of this group and I’m looking forward to the Wellington meeting in two weeks. Which means only one thing. I had better get cracking on the suggestions that my fellow writers gave me regarding my sci-fi story “A Change in Time.” So until next time…William out!



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2 responses to “Good Evening Folks!

  1. So happy you had a chance to share your writing, William. See you in Wellington! – Caryn

    • Thanks Garyn! Going to accomplish some writing goals tonight, including implementing those suggestions you made, then If I get a chance at Wellington I’ll read. The same scene! Take care!

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