Yesterdays critique group meeting…

in Wellington was quite good and though I did not get a chance to read, it was an educational experience. My friend Caryn hosted the meeting. Rik Feeney was the guest speaker at the =vent and he covered a great deal of topics regarding the writing industry as a whole. If you want more information about Rik here is his web site You will not go wrong if you go there. There is a lot of good information for up and coming writers. Basically the meeting was very good indeed and my friend Caryn did a great job in hosting it for all of us. Kudos to you Caryn!

Since I did not read my children’s story I will not submit it just yet as I feel the need to sit back and relax a bit and then read over the story and maybe add a few words. Along with that project I created a new title for the next  children’s submission story. Right now I won’t post that title here just in case I would be violating any contest rules. That is last thing that I would need right now is to goof that up!


Well I had better  get on with the other things that I need to do. So until next time…William out!


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