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Hello everyone!

It is early morning at the time of this writing, I hope that you guys are doing well and writing often! This Thursday I will be attending the Boca Raton critique group meeting and I hope to get a chance to read my children’s story. I would like to get some feedback before I submit the story to the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories contest. Once I get the feedback I will incorporate the suggestions into the story and then submit the story. After that I will work on the next children’s story and submit that too!

These past few days I’ve been looking and learning about Hubpages.com. This a website that is comprised of a large community of writer’s writing about things they are passionate about and possibly getting paid for doing that via Google Adsense, and various different affiliate programs. This site was brought to my attention by a Mr. Rik Feeney who was the guest speaker at the Wellington critique group meeting. The ideas being is to find means of extra income or revenue while you’re waiting for that publishing contract to come in the mail.

I did a little research about Hubpages.com on Wikipedia and found that the site is ranked in the top 50 sites for traffic in the entire website world. Not bad if you want to earn a little cash from Google Adsense while writing about something you’ll feel passionate about. I’m learning how to setup a good profile page and shortly after that I will publish my first hub (article).

Still working on the sci-fi story as well. That is a one day at a time proposition, but that is coming along as well. I’m still putting together that poetry chapbook as well. I hope to have about one hundred of them soon. Poems that is!

It’s getting late now, or should I say earlier in the morning, so I’m going to have to go. So until next time…William out!


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