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Good evening people!

I trust that you guys are having a wonderful weekend! I know I am! Just thought I would let you guys know that I didn’t attend the Boca Raton critique group meeting. Instead I opted to have dinner with the parents this past Thursday, I will make every effort to be at the Wellington meeting this June 6th, as that will be the last meeting for a couple of months, and I would like to have a couple of my Cheerios Spoonful of Stories submissions critiqued.

Basically I have been working on the children’s contest for the past few days, Sometimes I would do well and then there are times when that ugly writer’s block would rear it’s head and just like any pro athlete that has nagging injuries, I work through it! I haven’t forgotten my sci-fi novel, though it is somewhat on the back burner right now until the children’s contest is over. Boy it would be real nice if I won that!

I have been writing some poetry as well! I swore I would write at least a minimum of three a night , but that can be difficult if I was to write conventional poetry. Enter Haiku ideas! And that is how I achieve the poetry goals.

I’m still checking out Hubpages. I haven’t done anything with them yet until I know more about the taxes that I would need to pay. This would be both income and Social Security taxes. I want to do this right so I’m taking my time on that. And speaking of time…I need to get back to the other writing projects. So until next time…William out!


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