Going to my…

Critique group meeting tomorrow over at the Wellington library. There will be a very talented group of writers over there reading their work. I hope to be one of them as I would like to get some feedback on my Cheerios Spoonful of Stories submissions. Once I get that feedback I will try to incorporate those suggestions and then start to make submissions.

I have about three stories ready to read and my plan is to read the best two first since I only have 5 minutes to read. Also I’m going to see my friend Leslie Borghini, (The Author of the horror novel, Angel Heat) and my copy of her book signed. She is one very nice lady and a hell of a talented writer! So I’m really glad that I will get a chance to see her again. You can get Angel Heat over on Amazon. For those s horror fans out there…Get the book! You will love it!

Now regarding what I’ve been doing, I have been writing stories for the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories contest these past few weeks. That’s where my focus has been. Though I have written some poems and tweaked the plot points to my sci-fi story “A Change in Time”, my main focus has been on writing children’s stories.

I have been looking forward to this children’s contest for a couple of years, since last year they didn’t offer it. It’s a wonderful opportunity for an unpublished author to get their writing career started. Plus it’s fun to do. I feel like I accomplished something when I finish one of my stories.
I feel the same way every time I post here as well.

I haven’t started anything with Hubpages yet. I’m still learning what needs to be in order to start writing articles (Hubs as they call them.). As I mentioned before they seem to be a good website to make the “in between money” before that contract comes in the mail. Now wouldn’t that be to have that contract in my mailbox? Well I can dream eh?

Speaking of dreaming I’d better get back to my other writing projects. So until next time…William out!


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