Good evening people…

And as I write this post, Game 4 of the NBA Finals are being played and since I am a Heat fan, I will say Go Heat!!!!! Game 4 is going to be a, how would I say it, a gut check game for the Heat if they want to be NBA Champions again. All that work, a 66-16 regular season record which at one time there was a, and I may not be correct on this, 27 game winning streak, all that will be for naught if they don’t pull off winning the championship. So Go Heat!!!! And just as I finish this paragraph the Heat take the lead 27-24 with 48 seconds left in the first quarter. They were behind by as much as 8 points during the quarter.

Now on to my writing… I have been working hard on my children’s stories getting them ready to be submitted to the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories contest, which by the way ends on July 31st. I haven’t been able to get them read by my critique groups but I hope that will change by next Thursday when we meet in Boca Raton. Then after that one way or another I will start to submit my work.  As of right now I feel very comfortable with a couple of stories and just today I finished a third one. One which I will be doing some re-writing after I’m done with this post.  As they say re-writing is also creating. So create I will!

I have also been working on my sci-fi story “A Change in Time” this week as well using Scrivener. I must say that Scrivener is one hell of a writing program. In my opinion it’s a writers dream program. By the way if you want to check out their web site here is the address. Check the site out and see if you like it. I have been having fun with it and from what I hear these people are working to catch up the windows version of the software with the Mac  version. Use see Scrivener was originally written for the Mac. I like the fact that you can so easily organize you work into files on the program. That is a nice feature along with many others. So Google it and check it out. Well that is about all for now. I have to get back to doing my other writing projects. So as always, until next time…William out!


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