Good evening people…

I hope that your Friday evening is going well. Mine certainly is! Especially after The heat won yesterday! It was a hell of a series and must give due resect to the San Antonio Spurs. They gave it everything they had. Hell they were within 20 seconds of winning the title in Game 6. Well the game is not over until the proverbial fat lady sings! Now I hope that the Dolphins will have a good season as well. I think they made some right moves during the off season. Time will tell.

Now on to other things. I attended the Boca Raton Critique Group meeting yesterday. And though the group was small the talent certainly was there. Author Jade Kerrion hosted and she did very well indeed. I got a chance to read my Cheerios Spoonful of Stories submission and it was well received. I was told not to change it. It was perfect the way it was. So that is what I did. I did not change anything and submitted it a short time ago.

That was one of my writing goals tonight along with posting here and working on my other projects. I must tell tell you that I had a lot of fun writing that story. I hope that it does very well. Hell isn’t that what every author feels> I hope so. My other goals are to work on my other children story submissions, work on my poetry,  work on my sci-fi story, do some research into upcoming contests, submit another 100 word story to Necon E-Books. In any case I am gong to keep myself busy. And so on that note, until next time…William out!


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