Good evening people…

It is Wednesday June 26th. Time is 10:34 pm.  I hope that you guys are having a wonderful evening. I know I am. I have been working on some children’s stories to submit to the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories contest. It has been my main focus for the past month and will continue to be so until July 31st when the contest ends.

Now like I have said before, I will not neglect my other projects as well, but the Cheerios project is such a unique opportunity that one would have to be crazy not make it the primary focus. Of course my other projects are, posting here, making poetry, working on the sci-fi story, posting to Necon E-books, doing research on the WritersMarket website. Always got to do that research to find the next contest or magazine to submit to.

I’m going to miss my critique group buddies over the summer. The last meeting was in Boca Raton and the next one will not be until September. So in the mean time I had better write some good material to be critiqued on. That is my goal at least.

Speaking of goals, I submitted one story to the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories contest last week. So far I believe that is my best effort though I will continue to submit stories. One of my other goals is to read some of RIk Feeney’s book on how to create a non fiction book. Creating non-fiction does intrigue me as well. He gave a good lecture on the subject about a month back. So I will look into it as well. His idea is to go ahead and write non-fiction books that will help pay the bills until that contract comes in the mail. Now I do like that idea. Not only from a financial stand point but from a marketing one as well.

Now you may ask yourself how would it be beneficial from a marketing standpoint would having a non-fiction book already out there in, lets say, on a Kindle platform? Well let’s say you have a non-fiction book out there that is bringing in some money already and then you get that break through fiction book published.  Using the Kindle platform it would not take long to put an advertising blurb in your non-fiction eBook touting the new fiction book you just published. People would get an email to update that Kindle version of your non=fiction book and then see the advertisement for your new book. Anyway the idea is that you have already established a network where you can advertise to.

Well I have to go on to my other projects…So until next time…William out! Please take people!



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5 responses to “Good evening people…

  1. Best of luck with the Cheerios project ..

  2. Good luck in the contest! I have never heard of it before, but it sounds great!

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