Good evening people…

I hope that your evening is going quite well. Mine sure is… I have been working on some children’s stories the past few weeks and today was/is no exception. I will be submitting another story tonight to the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories contest and then work on my final children’s story as the end of the contest is coming up…July 31st. It has been fun submitting these stories.

Mow of course my other writer goals will be to post here, write at least 3 poems, o some work on my sci-fi novel and do some reading of Rik Feeneys book “Writing Books For Fun, Fame, and Fortune.” I have said in the past that this book by Mr. Feeney is quite good and people who are considering writing a non=fiction book, just to keep some money coming in before that big contract comes, should check the book out. After some of the techniques that are taught to put a non-fiction book together could be used for fiction books as well.

Yeah speakigood thating of which I have not worked on the Sc-Fi story in a while, but that is a thing tool At least I will come back to it with a fresh mind. Started to get a little fuzzy in the mind regarding that situation. So I took a little time off from that project. Writing can be fun, great or absolute hell depending on the situation. But I always feel like I accomplished something when I achieve my goals. And so with that in mind I will go on to my other writing goals now…So until next time… William out!


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