Good evening people!

Today is Friday July 18th and the time is 7:38 pm. I hope that you guys will have a wonderful weekend. I will be working it but at least I still have a job. And that is most definitely a good thing.

One of my goals for tonight’s writing session, along with the goal of posting here, is to submit another children’s story to the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories contest. All I have to do is spiff things up and then submit.

It is getting toward the end of the contest, (last day to submit is the 31st) so if I want to ubmit this story and one more, then I had better get cracking. That is after I am done here of course.

Now I have been working on my plot points for my sci-fi novel “A Change in Time”. Hopefully then I will be able to write the scenes I need to write from that outline. It has been a while since I did any writing to that project since I have been busy doing the Cheerios contest. And that has been fun I must say. I will be looking forward to doing the contest next year for sure!

So what else do I say now? I did mention some of the goals that I will be doing. The other goals will be creating some more poems for the Poetry Chapbook. I do have of goal of publishing that as well. I think I will be going the ebook route on that. This is after I learn more about Direct Kindle Publishing. Same thing goes for learning how to do Createspace as well. It seems to be the most economical way to get published. That would be the easy part. The hard part may be the marketing end. We will see about that!

Another goal of mine is to do some reading. Reading is just as important as writing. You get to learn more about the writing world and it just is simply good for the soul. So with that in mind. Until next time…William out!


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