Good evening people…

Once again I hope that your evening is going well. My sure is! Well the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories has come to an end. The last day to sumit was on July 31st and that has gone on by. It was fun writging stories for the contest and I look forward to doing again next year when it starts around May 1st. This is assuming that I don’t win though. I hope that I do win…He he… Now that would be a game changer indeed. This time around instead of just submitting just about anything, I decided only the best of my work would go. So I submitted 3 stories that I thought would have a chance. Now don’t think that I will stop writing children’s stories. I sure won’t. This would be just in case the best scenario would happen. (I win and get that publishing contract and they want a couple of more stories. Wishful thinking yeah…But who knows?) Well suffice it to say I will keep on writing children’s stories.

And I will keep on writing on my other projects too. Like my sci-fi story project. I started to outline that this week with the goal in mind of writing the scenes to each plot point, thus creating the skeletal outline for the story. Here is the general idea for my plot points.

1. Inciting Inident. Something changes.
2. Plot Point 1. The goal for the story is set.
3. Pinch point 1. The antagonist show him/her/itself indirectly. I say itself because the antagonist could be an it if you are writing sci-fi.
4. Mid/Plot point 2. This is where the protagonist gets more information that allows a change from being reactive to proactive. Instead of reacting to things the protagonist can now do something on the order of taking the initiative.
5. Pinch point 2. The antagonist strikes back by disrupting the protagonist plans.
6. Plot point 3. Which is the start of the third act.
7. The black moment. The worst possible thing regarding the story goal has happened and now it looks like the protagonist has no hope of winning the day.
8. Story resolution. The story goal is achieved. The main plot and all sub plot threads are resolved.

Now I got this information from Cathy Yardley’s “Rock Your Plot” how to book, which you can get at any bookstore or at Amazon. You can download the ebook on your kindle if you would like. It is quite good book for beginning writers like myself.

And speaking of writing I had better get cracking again. So until next time…William out!


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