Good morning people!

Yes good morning people! I hope that you guys are having a wonderful morning. I hope that your weekend will be good! I have to work mine, but I have been doing that for my entire working life! But that’s ok. At least I have a job.

Now that the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories contest is over with, I have turned my attention back to my sci-fi story “A Change inTime”. I’m making revisions to that story. I have been using Cathy Yardley’s book entitled “Rock Your Plot. A Simple System for Plotting Your Novel”, as guide in this venture.

So far so good! I plan on writing the scenes to the 8 major plot points. That will serve as the skeletal outline for the first draft of the story. Once that is done the I will write the scenes and subplot threads between each plot point and that will be the basis for the first draft. So I have completed the inciting incident and I am writing scenes that will lead up to plot Point One.

Well it’s getting late so I had better be going. So until next tine…William out!


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