Good Monday evening folks!

I hope that your Monday evening is going well. Mine is a very quiet evening. I’m starting this current writing session with a post here on the blog. The past few days I have been re-writing the scenes that lead up to the “inciting incident” plot point in my sct-fi story “A Change in Time”. I know that this is probably be overkill, but hey to each his own. The inciting incident is the point in the story where the protagonist is forced to take action regarding the story goal.

An example of an inciting incident would be Luke Skywalker. The character at first had no interest in joining the rebellion, preferring to help keep the family farm going, until forces from the empire destroyed the farm and killed the people who raised Skywalker. He then had no choice but to join the rebellion. And the rest, as they say is history.

So my problem is not only to come up with the “hook”, but have it lead to the inciting incident as well. This, of course is all in the effort to keep potential readers interested in the story. After it is thr readers interest that will keep them turning the pages.

I missed going to writers group meeting in Wellington, Florida due to the fact that I have vision problems that are currently preventing me from driving. I hope to have that corrected within the next45 days via surgery. I do miss my writer friends and I hope to see them soon.

Well I got to get back to my other writing projects, so until next time…William out!


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