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Good evening everyone!

I hope that your day is going well. Mine sure is! Just got through my one week appointment after cataract surgery and good news! My vision is improving and with “reader” glasses I can read again! That also means I can write again too! Woohoo! Praise the good Lord! One does not appreciate the things one has until they lose them, and then through the good grace of The Lord and Doctors is it given back. To say the least I feel very blessed indeed to be able to write in generally and to be more specific, to be able to post here.

Needless to say I have struggled to do any sort of writing, but now that I can see better, I will get to work on my projects as soon as I can. And with that in mind I will say this…Until next time…William out!


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Good afternoon people!

I hope that you guys are doing well. I sure am. I have been doing a lot of work on the sci-fi novel and writing some poetry as well.
I am waiting for Tge results from the Cheerios Spoonful of Stortes contest. They are going to announce the winners soon. I hope to be one of them!

I have been in limbo for the past couple of weeks due to a visual impairment, but fortunately surgery is just around the corner and I hope things will be better afterwards. Now you may wonder how I may be able to type? The virtual key board on my iPad gives me just enough contrast to keep me hunting and pecking. It is not easy, but it is better than not writing at all. So if you see a few mistakes, now you know why.

I haven’t posted to this blog due to my visual problem, but today I decided to get the job done… And speaking of getting the job done, I’m going to start hunting and pecking on my sci-fi story…So until next time…William out!

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