Good evening fellow writers!

I hope that your evening is going well. My topic tonight is going to be on the power of the written word. The same power that evokes an emotional response from your reader. I learned about that power tonight. You see earlier today my nephew Chris had to put down his favorite dog “Willis” due to a neuromuscular disease that kept the dogs mouth frozen shut. So knowing today would be our favorite and very loving, pit bull’s final day, I set out to write a loving remembrance of him.

Now when I was writing the poem, I felt the emotional connection and swore that I would not cry when I read it. But I knew that would not be possible. Half way through I had to stop. The voice trembling and cracking. And with tears streaming on down the sides of my face I finished reading the poem. There was not a dry eye in the place.

When used correctly the power of the written word can evoke very strong emotions in the reader. I know me and my family felt those emotions today. So I will end this post by saying… I love you Wilts. You are in the Good Lord’s hands. May he love and protect you always…Until next time…William ou


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